How do I win tomorrow’s Battle

Posted: September 19, 2014 in God's Love, peace, Uncategorized
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I said I wouldn’t
Yet I still
I don’t want to
Yet I do
I promise
I still fail
I don’t know why
Yes,am a little confused here
Its a wonder
How I manage to do
What I so despise
I go back again
And do the same
Again,I’ve lost today.
So I ask
How do I win tomorrow’s battle?

  1. jason says:

    Every day is a constant battle. We just learn to be strong by leaning on the one above GOD.. So you can win 2mrws battle with GOD. Cheers


  2. jason says:

    They are all doing fine. D twins are such a handful these days. Hahah. Moyin says Hi 🙂


  3. Kenneth says:

    Sometimes it hard to fight d things we are afraid of. We just need a little help from God. This post is totally relatable. Thanks for sharing.


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