The other day I took a stroll with a friend of mine, we came under a tree and sat for a while. We noticed a big insect surrounded by ants, although it was still alive and bigger than the ants, yet they carried it away.
It got us thinking, a whole lot of us believers are like that big insect, we don’t know our strength,we don’t know we are bigger than the trials and troubles around us. We just let all these things defeat us.
The Bible says in HOSEA4:6 :My people are ruined because they don’t know what’s right or true,because you’ve turned your back on knowledge.(MSG version)

How do we know what’s right or true?
Where do we get that knowledge from?
The “WORD of God”
If we are diligent enough to study Gods word then we can come out through life’s trials as victors.
Find time to study the word, its shows us where to go and what to do per-time.

PSA119:105 :By your words I can see where I’m going;They throw a beam of light on my dark part.(MSG Version)

Thanks Simi


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  1. Knowledge of the Word of God is Power to us…to understand the product we must check d manual…we need to update our life via the word of God. So we don’t get out dated

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