Is It Hopeless?

Jarius little daughter was dead,
The Woman had an issue of blood,
The Israelites were faced with the red sea,
Bartimaeus was blind,
Gideon had just 300 against 300,000,
The disciples were faced with a storm,
5,000 needed food,
Even Jesus was dead and buried…

All seemingly hopeless situations.

But God stepped into every single one of these unimaginable situations and turned what looked like a hopeless situation around.

The storm you are in,is not hopeless
Your sins are not hopeless
Your sickness is not hopeless
The situation you are in right now is not hopeless
Nothing is Hopeless with God

Jarius little girl lived
The woman was healed
The red sea parted
Bartimaeus sight was restored
Gideon had victory
The sea became calm
5,000 were fed,they even had baskets left
And Jesus
Jesus resurrected

So I guess maybe
God does His best Works From seemingly Hopeless situations.


Reference:::: the wall a Hopeless situation by the Anima series

7 thoughts on “Is It Hopeless?

  1. Wow…God is awesome isn’t He…he is always on time…ready to step into any situation as long as He is called upon… That’s for this write up


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