Sanctified common Sense

Compliments of the season everyone. Hope you are having a time of your life.

This issue has just been a major concern to me of late, then going through Joyce Meyer’s book and realizing she also had something to say about it and I was like “ohh!! It wasn’t just me after all”. So I guess I just have to write something about it,because I’ve had times when someone calls me and say::::” Christy!!! I think you shouldn’t go anywhere today, even outside your door I feel something terrible is going to happen to you today”””. Huh??? #My first thought “GOD FORBID”!!!!

Not using sanctified common sense is when people get a sense that something bad is going to happen to someone else,so they call that person and say ::::”I have been praying for you, and I sense that something really bad is Going to happen to you”.

See the bottom line is, I don’t believe there is wisdom in telling anyone such things because that kind of news can only bring fear, and Gods word says “”FEAR NOT” (Psa 118:6,,,2Tim1:7,,Deut 31:6,,Isa 41:10,, and it goes on and on)

Sanctified common sense tells us that if what we are hearing about someone else is from God,then He has given us that warning so that we will pray for that person’s protection.
What good would it do to scare the person with such news?

I won’t discount that God may lead us to tell someone a specific word for a specific event, but He would not tell us to impress someone with a generalized fear.
There’s a great difference between the two.

Only sanctified common sense will help us know which way we ought to go.
I guess we just have to ask God for sanctified common sense to lead us.
Discernment,Wisdom and Balance.

Reference::::Joyce Meyer “How to Hear from God”

6 thoughts on “Sanctified common Sense

  1. Girl its not just you and Joyce Meyer ooo, just on the 21th someone told me that she had a feeling that something terrible is going to happen to me on christmas. Yesu!! I actually rebuked her and prayed about it. And here I am. Its after christmas already.


  2. Hahahahah. Actually this is funny because I warned my brother concerning his negative premonitions. He needed to get a grip on himself and pray about any negative thing he sees.. Plus also I don’t discredit the fact that God could lead someone to tell another something at a particular time. But like you said God dosnt poss on us generalized fear.

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