Although you haven’t been the best companion the whole time, but that’s not what i’m here to say,Neither am I here to admit that I love how I despise you.
Not at all.

So I am just going to start by saying;
Thank you,
Thank you.
Thank you for the guilt, the pain,the shame and the cloud of regrets that surrounded me.

You know, I wouldn’t say how much I didn’t  enjoy how you made me shrink before illusions of giants,
I wouldn’t.

I mean, I would  give you credit for all those You-Are-Not-Worth-It thoughts you filled my head with.

The fact that I had to face myself everyday was hurting enough.

Its really amazing,I must commend how you kept me captive all those times.

I really can’t thank you enough.

Because in all this,
I’ve come to see the need for the cross.
I’ve come to know the one who brings calm in the midst of chaos.
The one that wipes away the guilt and makes one new.
The giver of endless hope.

He showed me what those giants really were;
Mere illusions.

He told me I was worth it,
I was worth His son.
He brought to me the love that outshines all those dark years.

If it wasn’t for you
I wouldn’t have known
That calvary held much more…

Much more than I ever thought.


3 thoughts on “Calvary

  1. We pass through a lot of stufs smtimes to bring us closer to God.. N not forgetting the fact that those phases makes us stronger. Thank you Chris for this post.

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