What Was Joseph Thinking

What was joseph thinking,
When his father made a robe for him
And none for his brothers?

Couldn’t he see they were jealous,
Or perhaps he had a heart as bright as his robe
He couldn’t see theirs was painted with anger.

What was Joseph thinking,
Telling his brothers they bowed to him?
Couldn’t he see,
The look of disgust in their eyes.
They might have thought,
“He thinks he is better than us all”.

What was he thinking,
When the same brothers
He came to check on
Threw him into
An empty cistern?
They pulled him out just in time for him to realize,
He was on his way to slavery.

Dear Joseph!
What were you thinking,
Refusing your boss wife?
Have you forgotten
You were sold five times
Into slavery.
Yet you still prefer
The hard floor of a jail
To the pleasure of getting laid.

Wait a second!
What was joseph thinking,
When he was brought before the king
To interpret a dream?
Or was he thinking
He was still dreaming
When he was made a Vizier?
-a slave treated as a king!

Joseph,What were you thinking,
When those same brothers
Who sold you
Wanted food from you?

I can only imagine
What your brothers might have thought,
When they realized
Who they sought
Was the brother
They had sold
Years ago.

What were you thinking,
Forgiving the same people who treated you badly?

You remind me of Jesus,
Yes YOU,
you remind me of HIM.


9 thoughts on “What Was Joseph Thinking

  1. Come to think of it. They were both sold for the price of a slave. Joseph 20shek n jesus 30.. Joseph forgave, jesus did it for the forgiveness of our sins. Wow

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    1. Exactly……And the fact that it was by Judah advice (josephs brother) dat joseph was sold into slavery.. N it was Judas (jesus disciple) that gave him up to the romans.. It got me thinking. What a coincidence!!


      1. Hahaha. just so many coincidence in their lifes. Now remember Joseph dint say a word when his brothers sold him out. Jesus also dint say a word when the judges judged him..lol

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  2. Lloolll. Mickel this even gets more interesting.. See,The two prisoners told Joseph their dreams for
    which Joseph interpreted. As a result of these
    two dreams, death would come to one of the
    prisoners but release and exaltation for the
    other. In Jesus’ case,Two robbers were crucified with him,
    one on his right and one on his
    left.one was saved and the other wasn’t.


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