A child of Joy
Born in time so great
In time so pained

In black she bore
A child so great
The hour of tears
Seems it never ends
The pain of lost
Driving deeper in

Then in season came
a cry so great
But the light of hope
Almost far away.

From the tears of pain
came a flow of joy
Cause Yaweh the great
Gave another.

I knew

Born without the first
But raised by one

Happy Birthday to me.




10 thoughts on “YAWEH THE GREAT

  1. I like d transference from sorrow to joy. Especially the line that said “frome the tears of pain came the flow of joy”. Jesus always has a way of doin that.


  2. Am so proud of the young lady you’ve become. Branded and rooted in God. You have no idea what your write ups do. Just keep up at it


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