Not qualified?…Well, I’m in good company

The other day i was going through my sunday school outline preparing what to teach the following sunday, when suddenly I got nagged with this “Not qualified for this” feeling.
Have you ever felt like you are definitely not the best choice when it comes to being used by God,like you wouldn’t even fall among anywhere near the list talk less of on the list (that is if there was a list) there are just better choices out there,choices that made more sense. With different thoughts swaying through my mind like a palm tree on a windy part.
I dropped my pen,pushed aside my outline and let the thoughts rage.
A roller coaster of thoughts it was.

Somehow I thought of Peter. Excitement started to brew from deep within me as I examined his life. The more I pondered over Peter the more other names kept pouring in like drops of rain from a leaking roof.

Peter: promised to stand with Jesus no matter what,
First to walk on water
He was called a rock
So I asked myself,
Do rocks shiver?
Because that was exactly what peter did in the face of a rare situation.
That bold and confident man was afraid to tell the truth. Yet after penticost he was the first to preach the truth.
Jesus saw all his faults and accepted peter the way he was.

I wonder what a tax collector had to do with a soul collector.
That’s why I couldn’t help but wonder what Jesus was doing with Mathew.

Did God actually make moses the deliverer and leader of the israelites?
He was a murderer, worst still a stammerer.
He wasn’t qualified.

Did I hear Him say a man after His own heart?
David!!! An adulterer?

How can paul a passionate persecutor become such a zealous supporter?

And here was I thinking of not being qualified.

Well, obviously I’m in good company.

—-so… I picked back my pen and planned my teaching.


8 thoughts on “Not qualified?…Well, I’m in good company

  1. You know its kind of funny bcause I’v been under somuch pressure & then I read this,like you wrote it for me.This isn’t the first time.When you wrote about failure.You were still referring to me,when you wrote that Calvary piece,I was at the verge of giving up.See I’v never met you b4 and yet God have used you in so many way in my life.Building up my faith and a lot more.I folow this blog religiously.Bcause I know in the next post God would still be addresing me.

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    1. You see, posts like this are the reason why I keep writing. Am so glad God is speaking to you through them. Am Really glad. And I pray God shows you what to do per time and never forget HIS always there to see you through.


  2. Christy I never knew you were up to something as wonderful as this well like I always tell people around me whenever I see you, you never fail to inspire and surprise me

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