The devil Never Gives Up! Does he?

The other day,
I bet the devil sat back
With a tall glass of wine
Legs crossed
With a smug on his face
As he watched with satisfaction
That ruddy-young-fair child
Step forward
With a sling and a stone
To raise down
An immovable wall.

You know,he must have heard a savior would come out of the house of that child.

Now if he could just get rid of that child he would be done with the savior.


his time must have settled
And frozen
For much more than a moment
Because his glass came crashing down
In symphony with the giants fall.

*he Lost*

Going back in time,
I still remember
The walling,
The screaming
And the confusion
When that decree was made
“Kill the male kids”!!!!

Somehow he got a wind
That divinity
Was planning something,
he really needed to outsmart HIM.
This time, he better not fail.
“Send the soldiers out, pull out the swords,slay them all”
He paced
Back and forth.


*he Lost*

And then he tried that old trick again.
You know,
It still baffles me every time I think of his crucifixion tactic,
He just couldn’t accept that
He had been defeated
A long time ago.

Look where that led him.


5 thoughts on “The devil Never Gives Up! Does he?

  1. *kill the male kids!!!*..loooolz…so funny but scary…nice grammar construction with a dramatic humor illustrating how divinity out smarted the devils’ 2000yrs ago failed smartness. Interesting read I so love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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