The power of Upgrade…. No Mediocrity

A master once went on a journey. Before he left, he entrusted some talents into the hands of his servant. He gave some more others less but the outcome he expected were the same,
“occupy till I come”.
To each one of them he gave them talents according to their “several abilities”.(Mathew 25:14_30),(Luke 19:13_22).

The ones that developed theirs were the ones that mattered.

A friend of mine once asked “Did people in the Bible ever know that they’ll be in the Bible?”

After pondering over that question I realised, if they had known they would be in the Bible some of them would have made better choices,upgraded their talents , impacted more lives and made better decisions.

Now that was Jesus the prose poet giving us an analogy of the kingdom of heaven in Mathew and Luke above.

With God telling us to “occupy” till He comes, I’ll love to think of this “occupy” in terms of developing and using all the talents He kept stored inside of us for the Good of others and the work of His kingdom.

Which brings me to the “upgrading” part. I’ve once heard someone say “knowing Jesus doesn’t cover shallow works”

In our secular world, the jobs available for a secondary school leaver aren’t the same available for someone on the masters level. Their level of knowledge accumulation isn’t the same, the one on the masters level upgraded while the one on the secondary needs upgrading.

Your value for something determines the depth of knowledge you’ll be willing to search out as regards that matter.
Jesus came to Earth to show us how to go about the Father’s work,He lived a life of excellence .
I remember Him saying He was going about His Father’s “business”. That business He spent 30years preparing for.

We need to prepare and develop any skill God has put into us so we can be fruitful and bring the Father glory.

Sitting down in a particular place gets tiring and boring so is a skill that doesn’t get upgraded over time.

Erase the ‘I don’t care’ mentality or the ‘this has always worked ‘ mentality and upgrade your skills so you don’t get outdated.

The Father’s business is serious business.


10 thoughts on “The power of Upgrade…. No Mediocrity

  1. I just want to reiterate “your value for something determines how much knowledge we are ready to acquire…”
    The father’s buisness is serious buisness. God has put in so much into you and I Christy, we need to horn that craft to be a blessing to others. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Thanks Christy… I gotta put in more efforts into building up my talents and skills… Not settling for the successes of today but striving for mastery… Good piece!

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  3. this is one of your best inks…. I didn’t see the like of that question this way..”if you were told you would be in the bible how would you live your life ?”..certainly perfect.. We need upgrade from our instincts to our subconscious.. Thanks sweet heart

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  4. The father has given us different gifts and graces to work in it to whom much is given much is required. It all about sacrifice,put in ur best. Rev.2:25 and 2Tim1:14 has said it all. Nice one my dearest friend.


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