Where comes this strong wind?
Stirring the waters within
Riding on the ocean breeze
With fury, nothing can appease
Swirling me to it’s core
While gravity loses me more and more
With each spin, I’m drawn upwards
With great surge and impulse
It’s like I’m no longer alone
I feel like a moving cyclone
Am I now joined with you?
By the winds you blew?
I am totally drenched in you
Soaked in this storm that’s new
I was warned you’ll come
With a force to overcome
Leave that vicinity, they say
Or the price you’ll pay
But I thought not much of the bid
I paid no attention to their heed
Now encompassed in this stirring
In this motion without a steering
We can’t see where we’re going
I don’t care, I’ll go with the moving
Stopping it is out of it
I just want to twirl and swirl with it
With each thrust, the earth trembles
Beneath us, it tremors
This force, one too strong to tame
It’s as thus my heart’s aflame
Loving you is the hardest thing I’ve done
Dangerously sweet, I hope to drown
Break me, let my members be in you
Let’s swoon, let’s fuse through
Take me with you, let’s run wild and free
Let’s break every obstacle that tries to peep…


18 thoughts on “Hurricane!!!

  1. still stuck on this page n reading…am drawn to this write up…its strong n its deep..cant help reading it over n over again..great write up!keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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