Eating In The Midst Of A Storm

During Shiloh 2015 Bishop David Oyedepo told a story of how he was travelling one time with other ministers when suddenly an engine of their plane stopped functioning. He went to check on the pilot and met him tensed and sweating, the pilot told him about the malfunctioning engine. On hearing this, he didn’t get all apprehensive and tensed, he just asked the pilot to turn around and head back to where they took off from. He humorously said, he decided against telling the other ministers on board so as not to cause tension and have some of them jump off the plane. Instead he asked if they wanted a snack. And they ate.
His story reminded me of another man many decades ago during a storm, a storm that threatened to capsize the boat He was in, yet He was sleeping; through all the tossing and turning, He still slept.
What unheard confidence He showed when He got up and said, “Peace be still.”(Mark 4:39). They both were confident, backed up with the knowledge that the one who sent them was faithful to keep them.
In life’s journey, it is certain that at times, storms may come, having to face different challenges in different areas, but God has promised us that He would never leave us nor forsake us( deu31:6)
That promise should spark confidence in us.
You know, when you know where you are headed and you know who is backing you, nothing fazes you.
I once heard a pastor say, “Where there is no knowledge, there is abundance of fear”.
Jesus speaking in Matt. 28:18 said that all authority in Heaven and on Earth had been given to Him… Then He said again, “…as the Father has sent me so send I you.” (John 20:21)
God has given us power to calm every storm in our lives because we have the life of God in us. Once we become born again we are translated into a new kind of life, that is the life of the victorious.
Have this at the back of your mind that no matter the storm you are facing in your life now, Jesus is on board with you so be calm and in due time He’ll say “peace be still”. While you are waiting for that to happen, take charge like He told His disciples to. Speak to every storm in your life and watch it settle.
You have the power in you.
There is power in your words.
Christ in you the hope of glory.

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