Posted: May 8, 2016 in Faith, peace, THE WORD, victory
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    I have always enjoyed solitude. Taking long strolls in quiet neighborhoods or just sitting alone and thinking. I love being awake in the darkness dwelling on the peace and quiet the night time brings. My mind is always on an express trip going beyond the present and visible. Often times i’m an emotional mess,I have to take time away to regroup.

     A couple of days back my mind became a tangled mess freestyling into nothingness, my schedule was too busy for a stroll and my nights became noisy so I went to a place I knew somehow I would find the peace that I sought.

    One of the reasons I love going to the scriptures is because its so relatable.

    So I opened up a psalm to read, it was like the words came to life jumping right at me. You see, this was a psalm I had read a couple of times but somehow on that day it got me like “for real?”,”How did you know what I was thinking?!”,”wait!!!thought it was just me”and on and on.

    It opened my mind to see troubled and broken men who found grace in the face of I AM and I came to understand that there wasn’t a time I AM did not come through.
    That alone sparked up my dose of confidence that when I get tossed in the wind admidst the rain, I could  always find peace in the one that turns things in time and rhythm. I AM.


  1. ogechi isaac says:

    Amazing piece Christy… God bless u

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  2. jeislod says:

    Wow! Christy this is really nice! If we all could have it in mind always that there is a better place to go to, to be…with I AM; life will b great! Tanx dear.

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  3. tijani ayo says:

    Christy nice 1, thumb up

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  4. Sophie says:

    Awesome piece.May God continue to give you wisdom IJN.

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  5. Lucy says:

    This is really lovely and up lifting Christy. Please keep it up.

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  6. anita ogbenjuwa says:

    Thanks for reminding me about the place to run to when I need consolation . A lovely piece you written here.

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  7. Lizzyobonga says:

    Awesome work dear.. Keep it up..God will keep giving u inspiration.

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  8. Marvel says:

    Of a truth!! Nice one dear!!!
    #more grace

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  9. It’s amazing how God will open our minds and hearts when we read His word- even if it’s a scripture we have read multiple times before! I’m so glad you found your “quiet place” the other night. Blessings to you Christy

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  10. anita ogbenjuwa says:

    This is so cool

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  11. Esther says:

    So True… He is always ready to speak to us through the bible.

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