With the sun cascading down the arranged rolls of white chairs like a succession of orderly planted rose buds. With the smile on the face of every observer and a deep sigh of contentment erupting from the inside of the event planners amidst the sweat and fatigue mixed with dusty hands and scraped feet from occasional tangling of the feet in sharp grasses. It was a pleasant sight to behold spread across the vast land of the Games ground. The breeze that accompanied the sun was refreshing, although a little drizzle interrupted the procession of organization earlier but it stopped as quickly as it started.

The program was scheduled for 7pm till dawn promising an amazing time. We had anticipated this for a long time now, today was the day, in few hours from now we are sure to expect arrival of people from different parts of the world .Some minutes past 4pm, amidst the sun it started drizzling, since it drizzled earlier and stopped we payed less attention to it this time but when the down pour turned heavier and angrier,we took cover shielding ourselves. Looking back at the chairs which were getting displaced one by one by the angry rain,there was little we could do as we watched hours of sweat go down in minutes.

The rain meant business, enveloping the entire unpaved ground of the Games ground into a muddy mash. Closed to 5000chairs engulfed in mud. It was a total opposite of what it was some minutes ago. On and on the rain fell heavier and angrier. All we had was prayer which unknowingly was big enough as doubt of “would this program hold” started crawling in with fangs like those of Piranha ready to snag out any little flickers of hope left.

A look outside at about 8pm brought tears to my eyes as I saw people trooping in amidst the downpour, through the cold and wet ground. It was an humbling sight. When I heard a group call out “all Bayelsa people stay together please” joy sprouted from my inside, they were coming despite the rain, people came in from Zaria, Lagos, Ilorin, UK, USA and the likes.

Now as they came in their numbers we had to find a better place for them to sit since the initial ground marked out for chairs were now enveloped in mud. With my phone buzzing and every hands on deck we converted all the paved grounds into sitting grounds. It was really amazing because even the people that came from far and near to attend were also busy in pulling out Chairs and setting them to sit on. It was a united affair.

At about a couple of minutes to 9pm, the rain thinned out leaving just the cold night breeze behind. Now almost everyone was sitted and people still arriving, the stage already set, a minister climbed up and started the opening prayers right after that different ministrations purred in. I remember sitting behind closed to some group of people that added more flavour to the program for me. They hyped every ministration making me reel with laughter, the crowning points was when the flying drone came hovering over them, they erupted into exciting screens one of them in particular started begging the drone to stay longer that he needed a selfie with it, I couldn’t help my bust of laughter. Another peak was when our Pastors came up for the first talk show it was really inspiring. After that the ministers came up dropping some punch lines on us which was super amazing. It was a cold but amazing night, under the canopy of a blissful night we sat having a wonderful time in God’s presence. Looking around me I could see happy faces, I could hear happy voices at that point I knew there was no better place to be but at YCPH2016.

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