Umbrellas? Not for my Mum.

Umbrellas were never meant for my mum.

For as long as I can remember if she took them out, they never followed her back home.

Last Tuesday I left Aunty Fola’s place at Asokoro with four (4) umbrellas my mum left there on previous visits. Aunty Fola sold baking things and she was my mums go to person whenever she needed stuff like that.
The thing is, my mum isn’t a fan of the Sun, so even in dry seasons she had one in the back seat.

In Makurdi, just hug the umbrellas goodbye.

I remember umbrella appearing on our monthly family list like it was a family member ;
1)For Queen
2) For Christy
3) For Umbrella,

but we still lacked umbrellas.
I think it was an eternal decree, “Umbrella out, umbrella lost”.

Umbrellas were never meant for my Mum.



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