Where I come from

I am from that part of Africa where ancestors come back from time to time,
Where children may be parents and parents parents parent;
Where Iyabo’s, Tatyum’s, Kayum’s, Nnanna’s and Enem’s reign.
Sometimes they come bearing their names so they are never forgotten, like Onma, my Mother’s Mother.
Gender is not a thing; my sister is my Mother’s Father.

From where I come from,
I am my Father’s Mother,
My Mother’s Mother
And sometimes her husband.
I am them, they are me.
We would never be forgotten.


(Sometimes when a child is born, they say a relative has returned or they just name the child after a relative that once was.

Remember that time when Zechariah and Elisabeth said their child would be named John (The Baptist) and people around kept telling them that it wasn’t meant to be so since they had no John among their kin.

So this thing is everywhere.)

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