To Father.

When life’s pendulum lingers near
With it’s churning waves rattling my sail,
It’s thorn and edges
Scaring my view,
When my compass fail
And I lose sight of the shore.
Show me thy star,
Be my guide.

When my sun loses heat
And photosynthesis deems me unfit,
When my eyes grow dim
And I lose sight of my dreams,
When my steps fail me
And my fear becomes king.
Put my feet in the Jordan
Propel me with thy wind.

When I lose my ropes
And my sanity flees,
When expectations mock me
And I lose my place,
When my world becomes crazy.
Be my rehab in view
Help me know you to be true.

When the love I cooked comes undone,
And its taste sprouts bile from my very form,
When my fear truncates my strength
And from the cup of shame I drink,
When my ruder betrays me
And in the sea of doubt I drown.
Show me thy light,
Show me hope.

Dear Father,
Be my guide.


Inspired by John Keats’ Poem (To Hope)

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