Intelligent People Wear Glasses.

I have always wanted glasses for as long as I can remember.
Glasses are for the brilliant, I would say.

I saw people with glasses as people who were in touch with some form of divine intelligence and I wanted that.
The thing is, my eyes are small, if you’ve ever seen me reading you would think they were closed and I was struggling to keep them open.
So I used that as a leverage to ask for glasses.

I would pretend I’m unable to see, make tears roll down my eyes claiming they teared up on their own.
So my mum took me to an Opthalmologist.

Eye chart Illustration by Dreamstime.

You know that thing with ABC on the wall that the Doctor would tell you to read right?
Yep, that.
Guys when he points at F I would say W,
when I see P I would say U,
I was desperate! I needed glasses guys!
The Doctor would nod and keep pointing.

I went twice, I got none.

I remember going for 8mile (Hosted by YWAP) two years ago. There I saw Ghana must gooooosssssss filled to the brim with glasses, I knew my jubilee was here.
To cap it up I was a Doctor at 8mile, so you get!!! (Read my Doctor gist here Let’s Do 8thMile Again).

I remember in secondary school I bought a glass from an Aboki at Terminus,
I pretended for a whole term that it was medicated.

Guys,I couldn’t even see through it.

Today as I type this, I am still glassless, Nevertheless I breathe.



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