I believe in ovaries; childbirth,
The war that births someone that never was.

I believe in movements, baby steps,
The beginning of an unstoppable giant thud.

I believe in a bare field, the hope of a plantation.

I believe in fire, blazing,priming,separating and strengthening;
The beauty of glass,
The mystery of gold.

I believe in the rain that swallows famine
And the seeds that sprouts from unlikely places.

I believe in the deserts spring; the travelers strength
The darkest of nights,
They usher in the brightest of days.

I believe in the early birds; slumber less, take charge,
Wake the waves, take the sail.

I believe in light for those in depressions pit,
Life for those in diverse battlefields.

I believe in the blessedness of water on a hot sunny day,

I believe in the back bone of creativity; the hands that molds clay into man.

I believe in an inexhaustible array of new beginnings.



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