On Rejoicing

I love to dialogue, let things that are bothering me out, I love clearing things and coming to an agreed conclusion. 

I hate assumptions that can lead to questions and more questions as my mind spends time creating scenes that should have happened or shouldn’t have. 

For that reason, I have kept these words in front of me for a while now because boy it’s been needed as I find myself getting deprived of the pleasure of certain dialogues.

It’s funny how the offense you let sit in you begins to brew callous thoughts.

I am learning to breathe and let things go since brooding in remembrance oftentimes refreshes pain. 

Rejoice, again I say Rejoice!

No other choice here mehn



One thought on “On Rejoicing

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Christie. So important to talk things out and put it in the open. Reminds me of the quote by Richard L Evans, “No man is so wise that he cannot benefit by talking things out with others.” 🙏


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