To the carpenters first son, Hopelessness’ bane

For in foundations-deep this bane resides,

From it our sight he brewed. 

A Lion’s den, a burning furnace, 

An affirmation to this infinity I see.

With the last of my embryonic fear 

Shedding in grace’s mighty embrace,

Like a parting sea, a prodigal racing to his father,

I see hope erupting in violent splatters.

Nehemiah the builder,

Blood and wood; Deliverer.

Battleax of a thousand souls!

Living? breathing? moving? 

Alas! I can say,

Hopelessness with wide eyes met its bane

As the cornerstone took a stand

Pulling out grace in its stead.

Now I toast;

Cheers to the carpenters first son,

The King divine,

The maker of Earth and master too.



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