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​We had moments that took to the wind,

We had laughter’s that got lost in the storm,

We had aspirations that sunk beneath the currents

We took to the waves in the wrong direction

We made choices that pushed the shores further away

Now we drown in our doubts as our lungs struggles to hold unto life. 

If we could float up to the surface and just start all over again,

That would make a difference.

​Broken wings?

Don’t wallow in defeat,

Time they say does the healing,

But the clocks ticking

Is a sign of an ending.

To do great things,

Is to rise to your feet.

Don’t give in to decay

You’ve been winged from birth,

Flap and soar

But this time,a little higher


     If my life was music
I will discover beauty in all things

Like the melody erupting

From the skillful fingers of raindrops 

on the rooftop

Mingling with the ground 

In orchestral symphony.
    If my life was music

I would have lyrics blazing

From within like Jeremiah

Flaming with life

Till it reaches a crescendo

Where everyone’s soul pops with glee.
If my life was music

I would have lyrics tasting

Sweet as Ezekiel’s scroll

On the tongues of all

Who wants to take a bite

Till all bitter hearts be done with bile
    If my life was music

Like deafening sound of thunder

Or as a priest with a shofar

I will take his praises to unknown sea shores

Causing endless flow of symphony.
    If my life was music

I will hum to the Heavens

With melody in my heart

I will tune my mind to the benevolent

Ambience of His presence.
    If my life was music

I will sing with largesse

In unknown languages

Because I have been skilled sparingly
   If my life was music

I will bring to life

That concert within me

Erupting like a lava

Responding to deuteronomy 4:24
   If my life was music

Silence would seize to exist

I will proclaim from the mountains

Teaching the world songs of His goodness
    If my life was music

With my ten strings

To the rhythm of life’s blues

I will sway

As I observe how powerful He is

The Conductor of nature’s Opera

​Dim lights,

Still too bright

Scorching deep with bravery still in bars. 

If I could take hope, I would give her wings to soar the sky expanse .

If I were strong enough I would tilt gravity, 

Teaching my me to sprout faith bigger than a mountain. 

Talking with nature and hearing her tales. 

I could shake a little sea if I break free. 

I’m not afraid 


Sometimes I am. 



Posted: September 24, 2016 in Faith, victory
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​Downcast in doubts shadow? 

Look up

Litters of blue hope

Arrays the day

Good news they say 

Not so far away

Till a little,turn the soil

Deep down they say 

Is where gold lives

Hold the rein, just a little tighter

The picture is nearer

Than when you first began

Downcast in doubts shadow? 

Look up, light still shines.

    I have always enjoyed solitude. Taking long strolls in quiet neighborhoods or just sitting alone and thinking. I love being awake in the darkness dwelling on the peace and quiet the night time brings. My mind is always on an express trip going beyond the present and visible. Often times i’m an emotional mess,I have to take time away to regroup.

     A couple of days back my mind became a tangled mess freestyling into nothingness, my schedule was too busy for a stroll and my nights became noisy so I went to a place I knew somehow I would find the peace that I sought.

    One of the reasons I love going to the scriptures is because its so relatable.

    So I opened up a psalm to read, it was like the words came to life jumping right at me. You see, this was a psalm I had read a couple of times but somehow on that day it got me like “for real?”,”How did you know what I was thinking?!”,”wait!!!thought it was just me”and on and on.

    It opened my mind to see troubled and broken men who found grace in the face of I AM and I came to understand that there wasn’t a time I AM did not come through.
    That alone sparked up my dose of confidence that when I get tossed in the wind admidst the rain, I could  always find peace in the one that turns things in time and rhythm. I AM.


While writing “Eating In The Midst Of A Storm( )”, I never knew a storm was rolling my way.
Leaving the doctors office today, I could literally see my dreams spilling right out on the high way. It was like an effervescence of dreams, leaving no precipitate behind.
The Doctor said I had Steatosystoma Multiplex also known as Sebocystomatosis, its a benign autosomal dominant congenital condition resulting in multiple cysts on a persons body( find out more here> )
It literally doesn’t have a cure or so they said, you know all these probability medical stuffs, okay so it can at least be controlled by incision and drainage, laser surgery and so and so. The good news is that they always come back again so its like a forever continuous process.
So I ask myself, How do I eat in this storm? I keep going back to my previous writings like Dear God ( ) to draw out strength because faith has become work, serious work. I keep hearing that voice in my head telling me “You preach Faith but how come your faith isn’t strong enough to clear this?” Huh? “You preach healing how come you aren’t healed yet?”
This wasn’t my first Doctor appointment, neither was it my 3rd or 5th; a lot of them had had no idea what these things were. I remember a doctor once diagnosing me with.Lipid-something(can’t even remember the name) With a series of incisions and draining,weeks of healing but still they came back. Another Doctor said I had high cholesterol, that scared me like crazy, when I went for a cholesterol test I was totally normal. Loosing shows to this SM hasn’t been funny, with my manager telling me I had better clear them.
I keep asking myself “how do I eat in this storm?”. I want to be like David, looking back at past victories and facing the giant head-strong.
I want to be like the three Hebrew men, stepping into the fire without loosing their faith.
I want to be like Joseph, with dreams never dying.
I want to wear a sleeveless shirt when the weather gets too hot and not having to worry about answering questions of “what are those?”
I want to go for the next castings without the designer demanding a Doctors report.
You see, I’m forced to ask so many crazy questions but I choose to differ. I’ve known Jesus way to long not to know that He is up to something. I know He hears me when ever I speak, I know He hears when I tell Him about this, with that in mind I know He is up to something.
So while He is up there making testimonies out of me I’ll be down here spreading His words like He said I should, never stop talking about His diverse healing, never stop talking about faith and never stop sharing his testimonies.
I’m glad I finally know what the name is (steatocystoma multiplex).
So next time when I talk to Jesus, I’ll call it by its name.
This “Peace be still” goes out to that storm that has been tossing my boat.