To the carpenters first son, Hopelessness’ bane

For in foundations-deep this bane resides, From it our sight he brewed.  A Lion's den, a burning furnace,  An affirmation to this infinity I see. With the last of my embryonic fear  Shedding in grace's mighty embrace, Like a parting sea, a prodigal racing to his father, I see hope erupting in violent splatters. Nehemiah … Continue reading To the carpenters first son, Hopelessness’ bane


Is Failure a perception???

photo credit:VeeWhen we have exhausted all possibilities,remember this-You haven't ---Thomas Edison. I was in church on monday for youth fellowship, the Pastor taught about failure under the topic "Failure is not an option" and I learnt this ... You don't just give up on something because you have tried so many times and it did … Continue reading Is Failure a perception???