Have you seen your child?
She stands stranded on life’s way,
Stumbling with dreams too heavy to lift
As Asclepius hides his face .

Have you seen your child?
She sits at Hygieia’s gate,
Crutched, crouched and cramping
Hoping to find her home.

Have you seen your child?
She sits and waits,
Sekhet trails this route they say.
He who tumbles in lays safe.




    I have always enjoyed solitude. Taking long strolls in quiet neighborhoods or just sitting alone and thinking. I love being awake in the darkness dwelling on the peace and quiet the night time brings. My mind is always on an express trip going beyond the present and visible. Often times i’m an emotional mess,I have to take time away to regroup.

     A couple of days back my mind became a tangled mess freestyling into nothingness, my schedule was too busy for a stroll and my nights became noisy so I went to a place I knew somehow I would find the peace that I sought.

    One of the reasons I love going to the scriptures is because its so relatable.

    So I opened up a psalm to read, it was like the words came to life jumping right at me. You see, this was a psalm I had read a couple of times but somehow on that day it got me like “for real?”,”How did you know what I was thinking?!”,”wait!!!thought it was just me”and on and on.

    It opened my mind to see troubled and broken men who found grace in the face of I AM and I came to understand that there wasn’t a time I AM did not come through.
    That alone sparked up my dose of confidence that when I get tossed in the wind admidst the rain, I could  always find peace in the one that turns things in time and rhythm. I AM.


Eating In The Midst Of A Storm

During Shiloh 2015 Bishop David Oyedepo told a story of how he was travelling one time with other ministers when suddenly an engine of their plane stopped functioning. He went to check on the pilot and met him tensed and sweating, the pilot told him about the malfunctioning engine. On hearing this, he didn’t get all apprehensive and tensed, he just asked the pilot to turn around and head back to where they took off from. He humorously said, he decided against telling the other ministers on board so as not to cause tension and have some of them jump off the plane. Instead he asked if they wanted a snack. And they ate.
His story reminded me of another man many decades ago during a storm, a storm that threatened to capsize the boat He was in, yet He was sleeping; through all the tossing and turning, He still slept.
What unheard confidence He showed when He got up and said, “Peace be still.”(Mark 4:39). They both were confident, backed up with the knowledge that the one who sent them was faithful to keep them.
In life’s journey, it is certain that at times, storms may come, having to face different challenges in different areas, but God has promised us that He would never leave us nor forsake us( deu31:6)
That promise should spark confidence in us.
You know, when you know where you are headed and you know who is backing you, nothing fazes you.
I once heard a pastor say, “Where there is no knowledge, there is abundance of fear”.
Jesus speaking in Matt. 28:18 said that all authority in Heaven and on Earth had been given to Him… Then He said again, “…as the Father has sent me so send I you.” (John 20:21)
God has given us power to calm every storm in our lives because we have the life of God in us. Once we become born again we are translated into a new kind of life, that is the life of the victorious.
Have this at the back of your mind that no matter the storm you are facing in your life now, Jesus is on board with you so be calm and in due time He’ll say “peace be still”. While you are waiting for that to happen, take charge like He told His disciples to. Speak to every storm in your life and watch it settle.
You have the power in you.
There is power in your words.
Christ in you the hope of glory.

Dear God

Dear God,
I’m writing you today because lately I’ve been feeling pressure from every side.
I’ve been trying to fix a lot of things,
Making things make sense.
I’ve been trying so hard God,
I know I should be letting go and letting you
But deadlines staring me in the face
I don’t know what to do.
Dear God, can you please calm this storm within me?

You know sometimes faith becomes work,
And doubt crawls in like ivy
Forcing its way into the smallest cracks of my defenses,
When that voice keep saying:
“No you can never get this”
When the fear of “what ifs…” Rears its head like the afternoon sun coming through a stained glass window,
When I struggle with the need for control.
Please God
Give me strength and remind me I am not in this alone!!!

As the day goes by
My needs keep piling.
So am wondering,
Should I keep asking?
The more I keep asking the more I keep wanting.
Its so confusing.

I know sometimes I don’t deserve all that I ask for
Because I keep failing you
But I need you
I need you like a thirsty pilgrim
I need you God
I need you in all this.

Finally dear God,
How have you been?

Its me

My Soul was quiet

My street was loud
Deafening song ripped through the city block,
But God was not in the guitar.
Music blasted through,
But God was not in the radio
Yelling cut the thick air,
But God was not in their teaching.
Phony laughter shouted through the streets,
But God was not in the television.
Then I heard a still,small voice telling me that God loves me.
And my soul was quiet.


Do you ever wonder
Why we have to hurt
When we have a God
That loves us!!!

We love the sound of laughter
And the merriment of cheer

Our hearts would lose their tenderness
If we never shed a tear.

All the pain we are feeling
Is just the hurt before the healing
The dark before the morning

Once we feel
The waves of glory
All our pains
Would fade to memory

Or Maybe
I don’t know.

But I know this:
Just because we don’t feel him moving
Doesn’t mean He’s not there
At the end
He makes all things
Work together for good
If we but love
So let not the worries
Get the best of you
‘Cause right from the valley
He will see you through.

Happy first of November
Make the best of it


Is It Hopeless?

Jarius little daughter was dead,
The Woman had an issue of blood,
The Israelites were faced with the red sea,
Bartimaeus was blind,
Gideon had just 300 against 300,000,
The disciples were faced with a storm,
5,000 needed food,
Even Jesus was dead and buried…

All seemingly hopeless situations.

But God stepped into every single one of these unimaginable situations and turned what looked like a hopeless situation around.

The storm you are in,is not hopeless
Your sins are not hopeless
Your sickness is not hopeless
The situation you are in right now is not hopeless
Nothing is Hopeless with God

Jarius little girl lived
The woman was healed
The red sea parted
Bartimaeus sight was restored
Gideon had victory
The sea became calm
5,000 were fed,they even had baskets left
And Jesus
Jesus resurrected

So I guess maybe
God does His best Works From seemingly Hopeless situations.


Reference:::: the wall a Hopeless situation by the Anima series

Is Failure a perception???

photo credit:Vee

photo credit:Vee

When we have exhausted all possibilities,remember this-You haven’t —Thomas Edison.

I was in church on monday for youth fellowship, the Pastor taught about failure under the topic “Failure is not an option” and I learnt this …
You don’t just give up on something because you have tried so many times and it did not work. Most times our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Take Thomas Edison for example,I just love his story,the fact that he failed more than 1,000 times before he got his breakthrough in electric bulb is pretty amazing. When asked about it Edison allegedly said, “I have not failed 1,000
times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways
to NOT make a light bulb.
The amount of pressure you put determines your outcome. Let your faith be without borders, because you are facing road blocks/obstacles in the name of failure does not mean your goals can’t be achieved or that its not from God.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

One of the great things about a relationship with God is that He always provides new beginning.
Never say “I just can’t go on” instead say “I can do what ever I need to do through Christ who gives me strength.I will never quit,because God is on my side”
You never know what you can give or what you have until you step out.

For me::::: failure is a perception



The other day I took a stroll with a friend of mine, we came under a tree and sat for a while. We noticed a big insect surrounded by ants, although it was still alive and bigger than the ants, yet they carried it away.
It got us thinking, a whole lot of us believers are like that big insect, we don’t know our strength,we don’t know we are bigger than the trials and troubles around us. We just let all these things defeat us.
The Bible says in HOSEA4:6 :My people are ruined because they don’t know what’s right or true,because you’ve turned your back on knowledge.(MSG version)

How do we know what’s right or true?
Where do we get that knowledge from?
The “WORD of God”
If we are diligent enough to study Gods word then we can come out through life’s trials as victors.
Find time to study the word, its shows us where to go and what to do per-time.

PSA119:105 :By your words I can see where I’m going;They throw a beam of light on my dark part.(MSG Version)

Thanks Simi