The beauty in channeling,
The inflow of peace.
I made a pact with him
Now i feel divine.
Cosmic energy
The Waves of divinity
An Illusion that breeds insanity.

Then they came for me
Just me, a felon,
Reckless heavenly hosts!
What an army!
Propelled by love they said.
Darkness and light,
I’m never alone,
I’m followed.

(Inspired by “Piercing the darkness” by Frank Peretti)


I Will Keep At It Even When Faith Becomes Work

While writing “Eating In The Midst Of A Storm( )”, I never knew a storm was rolling my way.
Leaving the doctors office today, I could literally see my dreams spilling right out on the high way. It was like an effervescence of dreams, leaving no precipitate behind.
The Doctor said I had Steatosystoma Multiplex also known as Sebocystomatosis, its a benign autosomal dominant congenital condition resulting in multiple cysts on a persons body( find out more here> )
It literally doesn’t have a cure or so they said, you know all these probability medical stuffs, okay so it can at least be controlled by incision and drainage, laser surgery and so and so. The good news is that they always come back again so its like a forever continuous process.
So I ask myself, How do I eat in this storm? I keep going back to my previous writings like Dear God ( ) to draw out strength because faith has become work, serious work. I keep hearing that voice in my head telling me “You preach Faith but how come your faith isn’t strong enough to clear this?” Huh? “You preach healing how come you aren’t healed yet?”
This wasn’t my first Doctor appointment, neither was it my 3rd or 5th; a lot of them had had no idea what these things were. I remember a doctor once diagnosing me with.Lipid-something(can’t even remember the name) With a series of incisions and draining,weeks of healing but still they came back. Another Doctor said I had high cholesterol, that scared me like crazy, when I went for a cholesterol test I was totally normal. Loosing shows to this SM hasn’t been funny, with my manager telling me I had better clear them.
I keep asking myself “how do I eat in this storm?”. I want to be like David, looking back at past victories and facing the giant head-strong.
I want to be like the three Hebrew men, stepping into the fire without loosing their faith.
I want to be like Joseph, with dreams never dying.
I want to wear a sleeveless shirt when the weather gets too hot and not having to worry about answering questions of “what are those?”
I want to go for the next castings without the designer demanding a Doctors report.
You see, I’m forced to ask so many crazy questions but I choose to differ. I’ve known Jesus way to long not to know that He is up to something. I know He hears me when ever I speak, I know He hears when I tell Him about this, with that in mind I know He is up to something.
So while He is up there making testimonies out of me I’ll be down here spreading His words like He said I should, never stop talking about His diverse healing, never stop talking about faith and never stop sharing his testimonies.
I’m glad I finally know what the name is (steatocystoma multiplex).
So next time when I talk to Jesus, I’ll call it by its name.
This “Peace be still” goes out to that storm that has been tossing my boat.

Eating In The Midst Of A Storm

During Shiloh 2015 Bishop David Oyedepo told a story of how he was travelling one time with other ministers when suddenly an engine of their plane stopped functioning. He went to check on the pilot and met him tensed and sweating, the pilot told him about the malfunctioning engine. On hearing this, he didn’t get all apprehensive and tensed, he just asked the pilot to turn around and head back to where they took off from. He humorously said, he decided against telling the other ministers on board so as not to cause tension and have some of them jump off the plane. Instead he asked if they wanted a snack. And they ate.
His story reminded me of another man many decades ago during a storm, a storm that threatened to capsize the boat He was in, yet He was sleeping; through all the tossing and turning, He still slept.
What unheard confidence He showed when He got up and said, “Peace be still.”(Mark 4:39). They both were confident, backed up with the knowledge that the one who sent them was faithful to keep them.
In life’s journey, it is certain that at times, storms may come, having to face different challenges in different areas, but God has promised us that He would never leave us nor forsake us( deu31:6)
That promise should spark confidence in us.
You know, when you know where you are headed and you know who is backing you, nothing fazes you.
I once heard a pastor say, “Where there is no knowledge, there is abundance of fear”.
Jesus speaking in Matt. 28:18 said that all authority in Heaven and on Earth had been given to Him… Then He said again, “…as the Father has sent me so send I you.” (John 20:21)
God has given us power to calm every storm in our lives because we have the life of God in us. Once we become born again we are translated into a new kind of life, that is the life of the victorious.
Have this at the back of your mind that no matter the storm you are facing in your life now, Jesus is on board with you so be calm and in due time He’ll say “peace be still”. While you are waiting for that to happen, take charge like He told His disciples to. Speak to every storm in your life and watch it settle.
You have the power in you.
There is power in your words.
Christ in you the hope of glory.


Way over a decade I’ve lived
I’ve never met a man
as sweet as this
Through dusty lanes
and broken roads
Through mistakes and stories
Better left untold
I’ve never met a man
As sweet as this.

Knocking fear in the face
Dispelling doubt
Outstretched hands
In times so down
I’ve never met a man
as sweet as this.

Who kindles the torch
And sweeps the floor
In search of the one
That’s so so lost
I’ve never met a man
as sweet as this.

Who calls out a feast
With merriment of heart
Because he has finally found
A child that had gone astray
I’ve never met a man
as sweet as this

Who bore the guilt
That wasn’t his to bear
Who took the nails
That wasn’t his to wear
All for love too strong to declare
To show me he cares
He took my place.
I’ve never met a man
As sweet as this.



The power of Upgrade…. No Mediocrity

A master once went on a journey. Before he left, he entrusted some talents into the hands of his servant. He gave some more others less but the outcome he expected were the same,
“occupy till I come”.
To each one of them he gave them talents according to their “several abilities”.(Mathew 25:14_30),(Luke 19:13_22).

The ones that developed theirs were the ones that mattered.

A friend of mine once asked “Did people in the Bible ever know that they’ll be in the Bible?”

After pondering over that question I realised, if they had known they would be in the Bible some of them would have made better choices,upgraded their talents , impacted more lives and made better decisions.

Now that was Jesus the prose poet giving us an analogy of the kingdom of heaven in Mathew and Luke above.

With God telling us to “occupy” till He comes, I’ll love to think of this “occupy” in terms of developing and using all the talents He kept stored inside of us for the Good of others and the work of His kingdom.

Which brings me to the “upgrading” part. I’ve once heard someone say “knowing Jesus doesn’t cover shallow works”

In our secular world, the jobs available for a secondary school leaver aren’t the same available for someone on the masters level. Their level of knowledge accumulation isn’t the same, the one on the masters level upgraded while the one on the secondary needs upgrading.

Your value for something determines the depth of knowledge you’ll be willing to search out as regards that matter.
Jesus came to Earth to show us how to go about the Father’s work,He lived a life of excellence .
I remember Him saying He was going about His Father’s “business”. That business He spent 30years preparing for.

We need to prepare and develop any skill God has put into us so we can be fruitful and bring the Father glory.

Sitting down in a particular place gets tiring and boring so is a skill that doesn’t get upgraded over time.

Erase the ‘I don’t care’ mentality or the ‘this has always worked ‘ mentality and upgrade your skills so you don’t get outdated.

The Father’s business is serious business.



I remember as a little girl. One of the hardest things (so I thought) I had to face was taking the plate to the kitchen after meal. So this day wasn’t any different.

“I dropped my spoon first, why should I take the plate to the kitchen” I cried.(My sister and I ate together as at then)
I was about six or there about,my mum prepared rice for lunch. When the meal was served,I brought the food out of the kitchen(bringing the food out was never a problem) 🙂
We prayed and started eating. While eating we were watching each other closely,the movement of the hand especially so we could easily notice any sign of “dropping-the-spoon” in time so as not to get “out-dropped”.
We both dropped our spoons at the same time,or perhaps so we claimed.
Now here we go:
A: I dropped my spoon first!!!
B: no it was I who dropped first!!!
A: I dropped mine when you were putting yours in your mouth!!
B: stop lying,I dropped mine first
A: i’m not a liar,I dropped first!!.

You see, the plate wasn’t even empty yet and the fact that the food was so tasty I wanted more. Imagine the absolute satisfaction I would have derived if I had focused on the main issue, which was “finish this food with pleasure,rub my belly and be well fed”, but instead I was focused on the wrong thing “taking the plate to the kitchen”
You know sometimes we just get so caught-up on the wrong view, we focus on the wrong things and in the long run we loose peace, satisfaction and fulfillment. Remember Peter, he wanted to walk on water like the master Jesus (matt 14:28),he did but after sometime he started sinking WHY?
Wait I thought the Bible said “we can do all things through Christ?
Now that’s the key word “through Christ”.
See peter came out of the boat,walked on water to Jesus,but when he ‘looked’ at the waves churning beneath his feet,he lost his nerves and started to sink.
The “sinking problem” started when he took his focus off Jesus”
Most times we impair God’s designed plan which He desire to exhibit through us because of our own conscious efforts to use common sense and reasoning.
Common sense told peter the waves were going to drown him.
But wait, don’t you think Jesus could see the waves churning beneath peters feet?
Of course He could. Jesus knows and sees everything,if we stay focused on Him instead of things Happening around or how we feel,He’ll make everything fall into place (matt 6:33)
Hold unto His word,Speak the Word, and everything would align accordingly.
Don’t focus on the plate
Focus on the food in it.
That’s were the ultimate satisfaction lies.

Pray For Mark

We never realized when we wrote the song “Just
Be Held” it would be our current testimony for
what we are going through right now. God always
has a way of preparing our hearts.
Here is something that Mark wrote a year ago and
it rings even truer today.
“I was out with my students surfing in Florida once
and we were just learning how to get up and how
to do this thing. I never mastered it, but when I
got the closest to getting on the board a wave hit
me and I went rolling. I rolled so many times that I
realized I didn’t know where up was. I couldn’t
figure out where the air was. The light was going
everywhere and that was a terrifying feeling of no
control (absolutely no control). I think when life’s
storm hits us, that’s what we’re looking for. We’re
looking for something we can grab onto and steady
ourselves…we may even look at our faith that way.
I need to grab onto God and steady myself, but
what I’m finding even in our recent storm of life
with our little girl Hope, and all the things that
she’s been through medically, is that I just can’t
grab a hold of something. What I’ve got to
understand is that God is taking a hold of me.
Instead of being the ‘fixer Daddy’ that grabs a hold
of whatever I can and makes this work, I’ve got to
understand that I’m already in His hands. I’m
already being held and I’m already in His control
and in His protection, even in the chaos. This song,
to me, reminds me that I am being held by Him. As
crazy as it is when I look around me, I’ve got to
rest in that truth.”
If your eyes are on the storm
You’ll wonder if I love you still
But if your eyes are on the cross
You’ll know I always have and I always will
And not a tear is wasted
In time, youll understand
Im painting beauty with the ashes
Your life is in My hands

What Was Joseph Thinking

What was joseph thinking,
When his father made a robe for him
And none for his brothers?

Couldn’t he see they were jealous,
Or perhaps he had a heart as bright as his robe
He couldn’t see theirs was painted with anger.

What was Joseph thinking,
Telling his brothers they bowed to him?
Couldn’t he see,
The look of disgust in their eyes.
They might have thought,
“He thinks he is better than us all”.

What was he thinking,
When the same brothers
He came to check on
Threw him into
An empty cistern?
They pulled him out just in time for him to realize,
He was on his way to slavery.

Dear Joseph!
What were you thinking,
Refusing your boss wife?
Have you forgotten
You were sold five times
Into slavery.
Yet you still prefer
The hard floor of a jail
To the pleasure of getting laid.

Wait a second!
What was joseph thinking,
When he was brought before the king
To interpret a dream?
Or was he thinking
He was still dreaming
When he was made a Vizier?
-a slave treated as a king!

Joseph,What were you thinking,
When those same brothers
Who sold you
Wanted food from you?

I can only imagine
What your brothers might have thought,
When they realized
Who they sought
Was the brother
They had sold
Years ago.

What were you thinking,
Forgiving the same people who treated you badly?

You remind me of Jesus,
Yes YOU,
you remind me of HIM.



Although you haven’t been the best companion the whole time, but that’s not what i’m here to say,Neither am I here to admit that I love how I despise you.
Not at all.

So I am just going to start by saying;
Thank you,
Thank you.
Thank you for the guilt, the pain,the shame and the cloud of regrets that surrounded me.

You know, I wouldn’t say how much I didn’t  enjoy how you made me shrink before illusions of giants,
I wouldn’t.

I mean, I would  give you credit for all those You-Are-Not-Worth-It thoughts you filled my head with.

The fact that I had to face myself everyday was hurting enough.

Its really amazing,I must commend how you kept me captive all those times.

I really can’t thank you enough.

Because in all this,
I’ve come to see the need for the cross.
I’ve come to know the one who brings calm in the midst of chaos.
The one that wipes away the guilt and makes one new.
The giver of endless hope.

He showed me what those giants really were;
Mere illusions.

He told me I was worth it,
I was worth His son.
He brought to me the love that outshines all those dark years.

If it wasn’t for you
I wouldn’t have known
That calvary held much more…

Much more than I ever thought.