Have you seen your child?
She stands stranded on life’s way,
Stumbling with dreams too heavy to lift
As Asclepius hides his face .

Have you seen your child?
She sits at Hygieia’s gate,
Crutched, crouched and cramping
Hoping to find her home.

Have you seen your child?
She sits and waits,
Sekhet trails this route they say.
He who tumbles in lays safe.




Being a God must be lonely,
No friends to have lunch with
Just worshipers trying to get their bread for living.

Being a God must be lonely,
No one to take a stroll with
Or talk about what a long day you had to deal with.
Just whiners pointing out the things they found lacking on their plates.

Being a God must be lonely,
No one to really ask

How are you doing.


Help me O Lord, this I pray
Be my rudder, lest I sway

The world calls me out to play

Leave the cross and come this way

O how I have become fray 

Left royalty to play with clay

What can I do? What’s to say?

Save I want You day by day

Holding your hand all the way

Holding me up like a tray

So I do not fall by the way

Alas I cry, how I bray 

I recall when I used to lay 

On Your chest and hear You say

‘I am Your Life, Truth, and Way

Abide in Me, lest you sway

For My shoulders are but dray 

For you to cast on and lay

Your burdens if you may’

I yearn for You, night, noon, and day

To hear the sweet words You say

But I’m soaked in miry clay

Dirty, hence kept You at bay

‘I’m dirty, filthy’, I say

You smile and say, ‘come that way’

Now my soul sings out and say

Help me O Lord, this I pray

Be my rudder, lest I sway.

Not qualified?…Well, I’m in good company

The other day i was going through my sunday school outline preparing what to teach the following sunday, when suddenly I got nagged with this “Not qualified for this” feeling.
Have you ever felt like you are definitely not the best choice when it comes to being used by God,like you wouldn’t even fall among anywhere near the list talk less of on the list (that is if there was a list) there are just better choices out there,choices that made more sense. With different thoughts swaying through my mind like a palm tree on a windy part.
I dropped my pen,pushed aside my outline and let the thoughts rage.
A roller coaster of thoughts it was.

Somehow I thought of Peter. Excitement started to brew from deep within me as I examined his life. The more I pondered over Peter the more other names kept pouring in like drops of rain from a leaking roof.

Peter: promised to stand with Jesus no matter what,
First to walk on water
He was called a rock
So I asked myself,
Do rocks shiver?
Because that was exactly what peter did in the face of a rare situation.
That bold and confident man was afraid to tell the truth. Yet after penticost he was the first to preach the truth.
Jesus saw all his faults and accepted peter the way he was.

I wonder what a tax collector had to do with a soul collector.
That’s why I couldn’t help but wonder what Jesus was doing with Mathew.

Did God actually make moses the deliverer and leader of the israelites?
He was a murderer, worst still a stammerer.
He wasn’t qualified.

Did I hear Him say a man after His own heart?
David!!! An adulterer?

How can paul a passionate persecutor become such a zealous supporter?

And here was I thinking of not being qualified.

Well, obviously I’m in good company.

—-so… I picked back my pen and planned my teaching.



A child of Joy
Born in time so great
In time so pained

In black she bore
A child so great
The hour of tears
Seems it never ends
The pain of lost
Driving deeper in

Then in season came
a cry so great
But the light of hope
Almost far away.

From the tears of pain
came a flow of joy
Cause Yaweh the great
Gave another.

I knew

Born without the first
But raised by one

Happy Birthday to me.



When I say “I am a Christian,”

When I say “I am a christain”

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When I say “I am a Christian,” I am not shouting that I am living clean. I am whispering I was lost but now I am found and forgiven.

When I say “I am a Christian,” I don’t speak this with pride.  I am confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide

When I say “I am a Christian,” I am not trying to be strong, I am professing that I am weak and need His strength to carry on.

New Jesus

When I say “I am A Christian,” I am not bragging of success. I am admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess

When I say “I am a Christian,” I am not claiming to be perfect. My flaws are far to visible but God believes I am worth it

When I say “I am a Christian,” I still feel the sting of pain…

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Peace in the midst of chaos

While God’s almighty power
Is not ours to understand,
We know who holds the future
and we know who holds our hand–
And to have the steadfast knowledge
that we never walk alone
And to rest in the assurance
that our every need is known
Will help dispel our worries,
and in trusting Him we’ll find
Right in the midst of chaos
God can give us peace of mind.