An Impromptu note to self

Lazham Gaina Photography I have had a recurring issue, where I would hear a gist/gossip about myself and I would want to go to the gisting bodies and clarify or clear my name. Not only did this not help me in the long run, it also had a way of multiplying the pain I felt … Continue reading An Impromptu note to self


The power of Upgrade…. No Mediocrity

A master once went on a journey. Before he left, he entrusted some talents into the hands of his servant. He gave some more others less but the outcome he expected were the same, "occupy till I come". To each one of them he gave them talents according to their "several abilities".(Mathew 25:14_30),(Luke 19:13_22). The … Continue reading The power of Upgrade…. No Mediocrity