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​You are,

A painter’s touch

The spring of existence 

A sculptor’s hand

The root of creation

A poet’s word

The psalm of David.
You are,

The beauty of a broken branch;

The mockery of perfection.
You are,

The courage in Daniel;

The bravery in David,

The strength of a thousand warriors,

A ray in the rain,

The dance in Jehoshaphat.
You are the reason the sun meets the Earth in an endless horizon.
You are God’s brush strokes.


Once there was a man,
A man of valor he was.
They say he bore
A scary face
Like an unknown beast.
I wonder if
The mask he wore,
Became over-worn
And never came off.
Then came the day
He went to war,
So great he fought
He hands became one
Cleav-ing to the sword.
I would have thought,
That a sword that cleaves
Would cause so much hurt,
Making one weak.
On he fought.

(2sam 23,1cor 12)


Your faithfulness is like the sun,
Which never fails to rise

Your thought towards us is like the sand,
Which is too much to count

Your love for us,
Is like the endless ocean,
Too deep to comprehend.

How could I not know this earlier?
You are all I ever have
You are all I ever need
You are all I ever wanted



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There’s no problem too big
And no question too small-
Just ask in Faith,
And He’ll answer them all-
Not always at once.
So be patient and wait,
For God never comes
too soon or too late…
So trust in His wisdom
And believe in His WORD,
For no prayer’s unanswered
And no prayer’s unheard.