Once every three months

Once every three months
I feel it’s waves,
Like a flood is in it’s wake;
A tsunami
Wrecking my reasoning
Tossing caution in the wind.
Once every three months
I feel it’s heat,
Like fire and breeze
I bask in it’s Sun.
My senses renew speed,
Colours seem more coloured
As I become antigravity.
Once every three months
I come alive
Like a chandelier I cast light,
I hit the eureka at every turn
I could run a marathon on and on
Once every three months
I fall in love
And i love how the Grammy feels.



You are,
A painter’s touch
The spring of existence
A sculptor’s hand
The root of creation
A poet’s word
The psalm of David.

You are,
The beauty of a broken branch;
The mockery of perfection.

You are,
The courage in Daniel;
The bravery in David,
The strength of a thousand warriors,
A ray in the rain,
The dance in Jehoshaphat.

You are the reason the sun meets the Earth in an endless horizon.

You are God’s brush strokes.


A child of Joy
Born in time so great
In time so pained

In black she bore
A child so great
The hour of tears
Seems it never ends
The pain of lost
Driving deeper in

Then in season came
a cry so great
But the light of hope
Almost far away.

From the tears of pain
came a flow of joy
Cause Yaweh the great
Gave another.

I knew

Born without the first
But raised by one

Happy Birthday to me.



A man of Valor

Once there was a man,
A man of valor he was.
They say he bore
A scary face
Like an unknown beast.
I wonder if
The mask he wore,
Became over-worn
And never came off.
Then came the day
He went to war,
So great he fought
He hands became one
Cleav-ing to the sword.
I would have thought,
That a sword that cleaves
Would cause so much hurt,
Making one weak.
On he fought.

(2sam 23,1cor 12)


The Love of The Father

God’s love is like an island
In life’s ocean vast and wide-
A peaceful,quiet shelter from
The restless,rising tide…
God’s love is like a fortress,
And we seek protection there
When the waves of tribulation
Seem to drown us in despair…
God’s love is like a beacon burning
Bright with faith and prayer
And through the changing scenes of life
We can find a haven there.

Peace in the midst of chaos

While God’s almighty power
Is not ours to understand,
We know who holds the future
and we know who holds our hand–
And to have the steadfast knowledge
that we never walk alone
And to rest in the assurance
that our every need is known
Will help dispel our worries,
and in trusting Him we’ll find
Right in the midst of chaos
God can give us peace of mind.