On Days Like this…

For in menace this abode resides,
I have been pulled under once or twice
As the tide rises. Maybe more or not,
For I have lost count.

I am above the waters, I like to think,
An inch or two, you would find my chin.
I sway in uncertain rhythm,
As I paddle my limbs and hope not for the waves.

A dove beckons, I resist.
Would knowledge be the bane of me?
Infinite Captain, El Roi!
Am I missing out? Because I can’t say.

Truth be told,
On days like this, I feel less whole,
But I still scroll,
As I take another step neck deep into this sand.

Custodian of timeless grace!
Wielder of endless help!
Peter is teaching me to look up,
Hopefully I learn this time.



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