Lazham Gaina’s Photography In the opening chapter of 2 Corinthians 4, In what seemed like a trying time Paul encouraged the people not to lose their motivation or get discouraged even when persecution came calling from different sides. He pushed on in his encouragement giving graphic descriptions and expressions of being pressured, pressed, perplexed, unsure … Continue reading JOY


To the carpenters first son, Hopelessness’ bane

For in foundations-deep this bane resides, From it our sight he brewed.  A Lion's den, a burning furnace,  An affirmation to this infinity I see. With the last of my embryonic fear  Shedding in grace's mighty embrace, Like a parting sea, a prodigal racing to his father, I see hope erupting in violent splatters. Nehemiah … Continue reading To the carpenters first son, Hopelessness’ bane