AikenPhotography Memories and chainsaws, What a misery; can network delay? Block our ears?  But our eyes hear. I know in whose house; Oh! What a knowledge of evil from Eve's fruit. Same house, same balcony, same stairs, Couldn't win a fifty if you tried. Companion of fools?  Companion nonetheless. Sanity and sawdust, Perhaps if we … Continue reading What?


To the carpenters first son, Hopelessness’ bane

For in foundations-deep this bane resides, From it our sight he brewed.  A Lion's den, a burning furnace,  An affirmation to this infinity I see. With the last of my embryonic fear  Shedding in grace's mighty embrace, Like a parting sea, a prodigal racing to his father, I see hope erupting in violent splatters. Nehemiah … Continue reading To the carpenters first son, Hopelessness’ bane