Living With No Regrets

Its 2am
My bed beckons yet I choose to ignore.

   I reflect by my window.
I couldn’t scale it
So I thought
Although I never tried
I heard it was an insuperable trip,

   Somehow from the chambers of my apperceives
I knew I needed at least a feel.

   With the landscape framed with pictures of scorched dreams
My confidence took an unannounced trip

The road looked broken
What lay beyond I couldn’t tell


Ages I stood
With feet dragging behind
And a compass of passion
I took a step…

As I passed through every phase
I ponder!
With flutters of regrets arising from thinking of me in retrospect.

Although am yet to make my mark
Am glad I made a move


Who can live right
With layers and layers of regrets?.

  “You know
 We all have dreams
But until we start living them
They would always be dreams”



12 thoughts on “Living With No Regrets

  1. with the landscape framed with pictures of scorched dreams my confidence took an unannounced trip… waaattt… that line is killing and living… I respect your ink. you are really the pen goddess..Am ready to enrol in your shrine…

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